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Root & Restore

Welcome! We are thrilled that you are taking the time to learn more about us and our team at Root & Restore.

R&R was designed to bring holistic health + wellness to you and your family.


Happy healing, 


laura + abbi

laura headshor.jpg

Laura Heaney-Burcher- Practitioner

Laura Heaney-Burcher is an advanced clinically trained Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and herbalist who is hell-bent on spreading true health and wellness to people so they can experience freedom and vitality in their lives! Laura is the owner of Root & Restore and is dedicated to helping people to get healthy. 

Laura's struggle with depression, anxiety, PCOS, and hormone disruption left her searching for answers. Before she found muscle testing, Laura was exhausted every day, depressed, and had PMS and painful periods. She has since healed through whole foods, herbs, and natural interventions and is so excited to share the health with you!

Professional Background

Advanced Clinically Trained Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Certificate in “Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy” through Monash University

Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition

Trained Herbalist through East West School of Herbology

Certified in Functional Herbal Therapy through Society of Wellness

Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition through IFNH

Doctorate Student at Maryland University of Integrative Health

Abbi headshot.jpg

Abigail Arculeo- Practitioner

Abigail Arculeo, M.S.A.C.N. is the co-owner of Root and Restore, taking care of humans and animals. Trying to resolve her own health issues put her onto the path of nutrition, and she saw so much success that she never looked back!

Abbi holds two undergraduate degrees in Equine Science and Business Management. During her earlier studies, she learned she was passionate about supporting the most natural way to raise animals. With her own health challenges at the time, she learned that the first step in raising animals was to make sure the owner is healthy first. While improving her health, she completed her Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and is in the process of earning her Doctorate as well.


Making natural personal care items for people, preservative free treats or even raw food diets for pets is a passion turned business of hers. Check out her amazing homemade creations at Raw Powered Products!

Professional Background


Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition

Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition through IFNH

Doctorate Student at Maryland University of Integrative Health

colleen headshot.jpg

Colleen Goldstein- Front Desk, Practitioner's Assistant, Doula


Colleen is the front desk/assistant/resident sibling at Root & Restore. She is currently working on a full spectrum Doula program through Doula Training International. Colleen completed her BA in Women's & Gender Studies at Drew University in 2017, which sparked her passion for reproductive justice. Through her work at Root & Restore alongside a Doula certification, Colleen hopes to create a significant change in the way we perceive and experience pregnancy and birth. 

She has been working in the natural health field for a few years which began with her journey through her own struggle with mental health and chronic fatigue after college. 

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